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A tour of the Marais : there’s no better way to soak up the history of Paris and a bustling neighbourhood bursting with culture and love for life.

Marais means “marsh” and the area takes its name from the marshland that was farmed here in the feudal era (12th century). The neighbourhood is a real melting pot with Renaissance manors next to half-timbered houses, contemporary art museums, trendy bars and more. It’s been home to different communities such as Jewish, Chinese, homosexual, elite, working class and now… tourists! 

We know all its secrets, milestone moments and legends and we’d love to introduce you to the wonders of the Marais.

Step by Step schedule

  • Hôtel de Sens Paris 4e, Saint Gervais neighbourhood
  • Rue François Miron: the oldest house in Paris 
  • Hotel de Sully and garden: (secret passageway)
  • Hotel Carnavalet 
  • The Jewish Marais
  • Centre Pompidou
  • …and a surprise !

Step by step organisation

  • Departure : Paris at 10:30 am – (Meeting point provided after booking)
  • No transport : walking tour !

Not included :

    • Purchases, tips and personal expenses

Your step by step tour in the Marais

Let’s start our guided tour of the Marais at Hôtel des Sens, a medieval gem of a mansion in the heart of Paris’ residential district. As you round the corner of Rue du Figuier, you come face to face with the keep and towers of this extraordinary mansion commissioned in the late 15th century by Tristan de Salazar. It’s been restored to its former medieval glory after taking a battering and being left abandoned (it survived the July Revolution in 1830, look out for the cannonball!). 

Now let’s head onto Rue François-Miron which stands on a Roman road. This famous Marais street is home to two of the oldest houses in Paris! Their 15th century half-timbering didn’t see the light of day until 1967! It was hidden under layers of rendering until the 17th century when there were huge concerns about major fires in the city (just like the Great Fire of London in 1666). The wood panelling, gable ends and ground floor shopfronts completely changed the look of the street! Magical!

Thirsty for more ?
Next step: Place des Vosges 

Let’s head to Place des Vosges via the Hôtel de Sully Garden and a secret passageway that we’re keeping under wraps… until you’re with us!

Step onto Place Royale, the square now known as Place Des Vosges, and feast your eyes on the ultimate in classic French style. You can picture the aristocrats riding their horses around the square surrounded by 36 mansions home to the nobility. Let’s take a stroll beneath the beautiful arcades to Maison de Victor Hugo where the author once lived and is now a museum: the perfect opportunity to learn about the milestone moments in the life and work of the man behind Les Misérables and the Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Next step: Hôtel Carnavalet and Archives Nationales

Let’s venture along Rue des Francs Bourgeois which will lead us to Rue des Blancs Manteaux. Along the way we’ll pass Hôtel Carnavalet (now a museum), a Renaissance gem that was home to the Marquise de Sévigné in the 17th century. Next up is the Archives Nationales in Hôtel Clisson and Hôtel de Soubise, a blend of medieval defensive architecture and sheer opulence…

Next step: The Jewish Marais 

The Marais has been home to Jews from France and abroad since the 13th century and is seeped in Hebrew history and culture. Let’s go through the centre, Le Pletzl (meaning small square in Yiddish) which is bursting with history and a hive of Jewish life with kosher delis, shtiebels (small prayer rooms), synagogues and more. Fancy a break with some falafel? 

Contemporary art lovers will be pleased to hear that our wanderings lead us to the Centre Pompidou! We’ve got one last trick up our sleeve but you’ll have to wait and see how we end your Marais tour on a high!

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