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Paris from the Seine

Saturday, August 26th, 2023. Guaranteed departure from 4 registered persons. 

Price : 10 € per person

Duration : 1 hr 40 (1 hr 15 cruise + boarding time)

Set sail on board one of the famous bateaux-mouche on the Seine and watch the history of France and Paris glide by.

Wait a minute though!

You’re not going with just any old guide: you’re joined by Vacances Actives’s very own smart and sharp guide who will bring your Paris cruise on the Seine to life with fascinating stories, oddities and anecdotes that make Paris such a magical city. 

croisière sur la Seine à Paris
croisière sur la Seine à Paris

What sets a tour with the Vacances Actives apart?

A passionate and fascinating guide 

No need to queue, priority access with the fast track ticket 

A tour in French designed to suit French as a Foreign Language students (FLE)

A tour for all ages

What to expect from your Paris cruise on the Seine

croisière sur la Seine à Paris
croisière sur la Seine à Paris
Notre Dame de Paris

Visiting Paris on a bateau-mouche is a must-do, it should be on everyone’s bucket list! There’s nothing better than gazing at the French capital from its river, visiting and revisiting its milestone moments from another point of view and in another light as you glide along. 

Our playful, passionate and devoted guide will join you to share the tales, famous names, unique adventures, dark times and cheery anecdotes behind the landmarks you see on the Seine’s riverbanks. 

During your Paris cruise you’ll spot the City of Lights’ most famous monuments, the ones you already love and the lesser-known ones you will love. Feast your eyes on the recuperating Notre-Dame Cathedral, iconic Tour Eiffel, majestic Grand Palais, Louvre and Musée d’Orsay. 

A Paris cruise on the Seine in a bateau-mouche is a no-brainer. It’s simple, suitable for everyone, can be done at short notice or on a day packed with tourist attractions, but what makes it even more magical is when you’re joined by our VAL guide!

A must when the sun’s out if you want a romantic trip with your loved one, good times with friends or to get the brain matter working with the family! 

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