Organizing language stay in France: for whom and how?

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Learners of the French language, teachers wearing the colours of the French speaking world, get ready to finally realize your language travel projects in France. It’s not just notebooks or podcasts to learn the language of Moliere! Nothing beats a trip to the Gaul’s to perfect your vocabulary and your beautiful accent!

Going on a language stay in France: added value for all profiles

In these times when everyone’s mobility is stopped, it is good to remember how much language and cultural exchanges are beneficial for young people and learners of the French language and for the French-speaking world in general.

fenetre ouverte sur Paris

Going on a linguistic immersion trip has many benefits for travellers:

  • Gaining autonomy and self-confidence both in verbal fluency and in social behaviour, by living the daily life of a local citizen 
  • Broadening one’s vision of the world, one’s ability to listen, open mindedness to others and to other ways of life 
  • Learning from the natives’ experiences met during the stay
  • Betting on the future, getting involved as a foreigner in a professional path where mastery of the French language is a distinctive skill.

There is no age, no standard profile or specific criteria for going on a language travel. It all depends on the objective of your departure: to learn, to prepare for an exam or a professional project, to explore, to meet original people, to have fun while improving your French… The only necessary condition is the desire to learn and to share moments with others! 

Users of French speaking holiday: Do you identify with these profiles?

You are a secondary or high school French teacher and you want to organize a language travel

scolaires en cours de français

The school year is rich. As a teacher, you have spent many hours on your theoretical lessons, searching for fun and educational ideas in order to make your students speak French. But you know that the surprise for all, the ultimate reward would be to organize a language travel for your class, in order to immerse each student in the French-speaking culture. 

The language trip is a continuation of your French teaching program. It is not just a moment of relaxation, a treat, a reward at the end of the year. It represents a real accelerator of learning and allows deepening the knowledge for exams and oral tests for example. 

Vacances Actives Linguistiques’ offer :

The organization of language study holidays for school children (from 10 years old for Vacances Actives’ stays) is done in consultation with French teachers to define:

  • the program and pace of French lessons, generally given in the morning
  • The type of accommodation (immersion in host families, or in residences/hotels or youth hostels. For more information, see our ACCOMMODATION offers)
  • The cultural and recreational activities for the whole group. 

The creation of the travel program can take the form of a Summer Camp, or be focused on a particular theme (cuisine, culture, history, architecture, visual arts, etc.) to always meet your educational objectives and the interests of students. 

Classes, visits and group activities are led by French as a Foreigne Language teachers and guides who adapt their lessons and their speeches to the level of the students. They can share their time with native French students in shared classes, or with host families. 

Pont sur Seine - Paris
Bordeaux Place de la Bourse
les fromages français
destination la Côte en Bretagne
destination falaise d'Etretat en Normandie
destination la Dune du Pyla près de Bordeaux

Visiting the mythical Loire Valley Castles or savouring the culinary traditions in Lyon, in the cradle of French gastronomy? Walking the Breton cliffs and the landing beaches in Normandy, or breathing in the Provencal lavender fields and the artistic effervescence of Nice and its hinterland?

The choice of destination is also essential, depending on the theme of the stay, the size of the group, the season… and we are there to support you in the complete organization of the language stay for your school group. 

You are a student or adult learning French and you want to take a language course in France

groupe-etudiantes FLE

You have been taking French courses for several months or even several years, and you want to discover Paris and the beautiful French regions more and more. The language stay offers a real opportunity to improve your pronunciation, develop your vocabulary and strengthen your grammar in daily use of the language in contact with native speakers.

It is for a professional purpose: going on a language study trip, as a student or adult learner, means giving yourself the means of intensive training to solidify your skills before an exam, a diploma, a job or an internship. …  

Or the reason is simply cultural: to leave for the pleasure of speaking French “as it should be” and to benefit from the meetings and exchanges made possible by the activities and the common courses.

So, the Hexagon (Nickname of France) and all its riches arouse your curiosity and a language stay would be welcome … but where to start? And how do you proceed as a solo traveller? 

Vacances Actives Linguistiques’s offer :

Language stays from 10 people are organized for students and adult learners, in order to meet academic or professional objectives. The trips can be thematic, itinerant, mainly composed of cultural activities, visits and workshops to develop interactions and dialogue with French speakers.

jeunes-étudiants FLE

The FLE (French as a Foreign Language) guides and teachers play their role of mediators so that the stay is a real added value for you. You can choose your activities, opt for private lessons, and work on certain themes, in particular with a view to a specific objective to be achieved at the end of this trip. You choose the accommodation that suits you best, with a host family or among the suggestions of residences that we put at your disposal. 

This is the opportunity to share a memorable experience between travellers of different origins, brought together by the learning of a language and the curiosity to discover the French culture and territory “as a team”! 

Do you have a professional project in France or in a French-speaking country?

stage-en-entreprise francophone

Vacances Actives agency supports foreign students and work-study in the search for internships in French companies, in all fields of activity. It allows you to discover working life in your branch and to obtain optimal preparation for entering the French-speaking labour market (training for job interviews, learning technical vocabulary, obtaining first professional experience, etc. ). 

Are you a travel agent with clients wishing to discover France with French speaking guide 

Turnkey cultural trips 

Your travel agency receives requests from clients in love with the French language and curious to visit the country “in immersion” with French-speaking and local guides.

You want to offer them tailor-made offers of unforgettable stays, rich in culture, meetings and unusual activities. Are you looking for a professional relay in France, an experienced DMC to whom you can entrust the organization of your cultural stays in the most popular French destinations, throughout the year? For families, students, professionals, etc. 

Vacances Actives Linguistiques’s offer

Our team brings together qualified professional partners: 

  • official guides and driver guides 
  • FLE qualified teachers 
  • FLE guides

Our network of service providers extends throughout France to ensure at the same time organization, reception, transport and transfers, accommodation and continuous monitoring of the program, before, during and after the stay. Our language study trip offers are particularly extensive and focused on culturally rich French destinations, which have been highly appreciated, such as:

  • Paris the essential
  • Alsace and its enchanting villages
  • Provence, Nice and the sunny French Riviera
  • Lyons and the capital of gastronomy 
  • Bordeaux, between vineyards and the ocean, one of the most popular French tourist towns 
  • Brittany and Normandy and its coasts rich in history 
Pyramide du Louvre
champ de lavande Provence
Cité du vin Bordeaux
chateau de la loire-chenonceau

So do you dream of Midnight In Paris and are eager to use your French Accent? Do you want to follow in the footsteps of Emily in Paris, the young American propelled to the Parisian capital?

It is time to prepare for your departure for one of the French destinations, all of which promise great experiences to live.

scène de Midnight-in-paris

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