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A Normandy Excursion from Paris
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Sunday, August 20th, 2023. Guaranteed departure from 8 registered persons.

Price : 65 € / pers. including ticket.

Duration : 1 day (8:30 am -> 06:00 pm)

The Vexin village of Giverny in Normandy is an hour from Paris.  You’re in for a bright day in the countryside exploring the fascinating world of Claude Monet and his water lilies. Join our guide to visit his house and the Clos Normand garden sculpted by the artist with aquatic scenes, rustic landscapes and reflections of the Normandy sky that so inspired the Impressionist’s prolific art.  

Highlights of the day trip

  1. Tour of Claude Monet’s house
  2. Walk in the Clos Normand, grounds and water lily pond
  3. “Grandes Décorations” studio tour, studio gift shop.

Giverny, Claude Monet’s house schedule from Paris: 

  • Departure: Paris /meeting point provided after booking)
  • Transport: coach with guide-driver/approx. 1 hr journey
  • Admission to house, gardens and studio gift shop
  • Return in minibus: 6:00 pm arrival in Paris (approx.)

The day trip does not include: 

  • Lunch and other meals
  • Purchases, tips and personal expenses 
  • Admission (unless stated) 

Details of Normandy day trip to Claude Monet’s house?

Escape to the country in the Normandy woodland… 

Spend a day in Giverny soaking up the everyday life of one of France’s most famous artists: the Impressionist Claude Monet. Feast your eyes on the water and floral scenery that inspired the artist and embrace your natural surroundings. 

We’ll follow Claude Monet’s beloved Seine from Paris to Giverny and the channels that feed into Normandy’s Vexin area :

“La Seine, je l’ai peinte pendant toute ma vie, à toute heure. Depuis Paris jusqu’à la mer, je n’en ai jamais été las. Pour moi, elle est toujours nouvelle.” 

There was no end to the inspiration the artist drew from the water’s reflections sitting in his studio boat. 

Curious about the next step of the trip ?

Giverny became the artist’s home: there were only a few streets and 300 residents when he moved here in 1897. You’ll see his home as it was for the last 30 years of his life and as he’d decorated it: the kitchen with little blue tiles then his canary yellow bedroom displaying an impressive collection of paintings by his artist friends Renoir, Cézanne and Berthe Morisot.

Monet’s bedroom looks onto the Clos Normand garden which he designed himself, haphazardly planting a hundred varieties of plants, flowers and shrubs “au petit bonheur”. Claude Monet created his garden like a painting, so one would inspire the other. Follow in his footsteps, take a stroll, let your mind wander and chat with your friends! 

It’s time to see the water lilies, the real ones! 

Claude Monet had a waterway diverted to create a pond that he filled with water lilies. He loved Japanese engravings and they inspired him to create a Japanese-style water garden with bridges, waves and reflections. The Pond became pretty much the only subject of his paintings with 250 artworks in total! The bamboo trees, ginkgos, maple trees, Japanese peonies, weeping willows and lilies planted around the pond radiate soothing oriental vibes to help you unwind.

An artist studio that dreams are made of! 

Water lilies inspired Claude Monet to push boundaries : he had a studio built by the house to display huge decorative panels depicting a colourful aquatic scene with water lilies and wavy reflections. 

Join the Vacances Actives guide to dive into the painter’s life and his calm countryside setting that changes with the seasons: you can even check the flowering calendar provided by the Monet Foundation! 

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