The benefits of a language study travel in France : professional advantages.

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Take a head start on other job candidates, boost your CV by going on a language study holiday in France!

The benefits of this rewarding immersion experience, in Paris or in another French city, are not only the language learning: you will add strings to your bow, whether you are a pupil, a student or a professional.

Choosing an immersion stay will help you to boost your career. It offers real assets in terms of competences and “soft skills”. Focus on the professional benefits of a language study holiday with VAL.

Developing “soft skills”

Going on a language study holiday – during more than one week – involves integrating oneself in a group of other foreigners (students or adults) or in a host family.

As a foreign learner and traveller, this experience leads you to adapt to a new culture and communicate in a language you don’t necessarily speak fluently ! Taking part in group activities, speaking in an international class with other people, French speaking or not, working on French in small groups…

All these situations enable you to develop many “soft skills” – behaviour related skills. Social skills such as motivation, self confidence, curiosity, communication and community skills, audacity, problem solving, etc. are particularly important and valued by companies. A language study holiday and these skills enhance your CV and are to be pointed out during a job interview.

Increasing your chances to pass an exam of FLE

scolaires en cours de français

You choose French as a Foreign Language at school and now you are going to take an exam. You want to get an official diploma of FLE (DLIF, DELF, DALF, DCL…) and you want to reinforce your competences in oral understanding and expression.

A language study holiday will be perfect to prepare yourself for oral tests. Our schools and partners will propose a course programme adapted to your goals, in order to give you an optimal training and to get you in peak conditions before the exam. Going to a language study holiday increases your chance of success.

Get prepared to study in French speaking universities or Grandes Ecoles

groupe-etudiantes FLE

La Sorbonne, Polytechnique, Les Mines, HECYour dream is to enter a French university or Grande Ecole? 

There is nothing better than a French speaking holiday in order to prepare your exam and your selection interview, and to arrive solid and self confident at the start of the school year. A language study holiday will be a real bonus in your history to show your interlocutor that you have the needed motivation and competences to enter the school next year ! During your travel, you will also have the opportunity to visit the place, to discover the university or school premises, to meet students and confirm your choices of career. 

Attract recruiters on the international stage

Yes, French is spoken worldwide ! From Switzerland to Canada, from Belgium to Congo (RDC), in the professional sectors of tourism, gastronomy, international relations and diplomacy (UN, NATO, UNESCO…), French is an international language.

Reaching a good level of French (FLE) will help to open the doors of companies and institutions to you ! With these skills on your CV, you will differentiate yourself from your competitors. Speaking French is appreciated, if not mandatory, in these sectors.

With VAL, you will be able to organize your language travel according to your professional needs :

  • doing a professional training,
  • attending courses of professional or technical French (business French, culinary French, etc…).

You could also make a long lasting language study holiday by cumulating French courses with a job. That way you would increase the chance to get a job and boost your career !


Prepare your expatriation, a mission in a French speaking country

The good news is just out !

Your expatriation has been approved, you are leaving for a new professional adventure in Paris !

You have three months to prepare your departure, to think of your integration in a new team, a new city, a new life… The challenge is exciting but difficult to rise to if you don’t speak French well enough.

Don’t panic !

VAL will offer you a French speaking holiday in immersion for fast progress, with French lessons specific to your activity. Understanding technical vocabulary, communicating with experts, speaking in meetings, learning French courtesy, etc… an optimal preparation to get in peak conditions before your expatriation under the best auspices !

An experience of immersion abroad is a real asset in your career history or for students’ improvements. FLE teachers confirm that a language study holiday brings many job and study opportunities, and develop social and human skills highly valued by companies.

In Paris, Lyons ? Marseille ? VAL will help you to choose the good orientation and destination!

>> more about language immersion experience 

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